Friday, June 20, 2014

Guess what?

Days one and two

     Guess what? I’m in Delhi. Surprised? Yeah, me too. 

     Sometimes God doesn’t give us a plan, or a schedule. But just because we can’t always see the path doesn't mean there isn’t one. I reapplied for a visa, got it super quickly, raised enough money for my ticket, and booked a flight all in just a few weeks. If God wants you somewhere, He’ll see to it you’re able to go. Maybe not the way you imagined, or in the timing you thought was best, but if you trust the Lord and not yourself, he’ll direct your paths. 

     Day one was an adventure. It got off to an adrenaline filled start with a concern at the last minute that i might not have all the paper work necessary to fly. Apparently back in mom’s day, one had to have a birth certificate copy to fly internationally.  I sat in the back seat of the families suburban and prayed that I would have everything I needed. And also resigned myself to the fact that if anything stopped me from getting on that flight, then probably it just wasn't supposed to happen. It was now or never. And of course it all blew over and was a false alarm. I said my goodbyes and was on my way.

     My only layover was in Newark, New Jersey. Let me tell you, that airport is ratchet. Total sketchville. Crowded and dirty and poorly laid out. I felt like i was in the ghetto, not an airport. So I sat in one of the restaurants eating what will be my last Cheeseburger for a while (they worship cows over here, as opposed to america where we worship T-bone steaks) and the guy at the table next to me was practicing his english. Awe, maybe I could welcome him to America give him a few pointers. His next phrase he practiced: “Are you at least 18 years or older?’ yeah, maybe I’ll just leave him to it…
Traveling alone is a little scary, I felt completely vulnerable for my whole 24 hour trip. And it didn't help the fact that the guy setting next to me on the plane watched Prisoners ( a movie about child kidnapping) at least two if not three times in a row. yeesh. 

     But I landed safely, picked up my baggage, went through immigration and customs, and didn’t even get kidnapped or anything. 

     So that’s the story of how I got to India, and this crazy, beautiful, dirty, crowded, noisy, exotic city called New Delhi. 

     Here’s a thing about indian people. Concepts like privacy, curtesy, and person space, are pretty much nonexistent here. They stand uncomfortably close to you, ask you personal questions, cut in front of you in line, and reach out and stroke your hair when they think you are sleeping on the plane. Being raised in the American South, all that takes a little getting used to. 
But it’s amazing here. It’s hot and the air is thick with humidity and the smell of curry in the day and jasmine in the night. 

     The family I am staying with are some of the most sweet, unassuming, hospitable and all around Christ like people I have ever met. I am so so glad the Lord lead me to them, and I know this will be a tremendous adventure. 


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  1. So glad you arrived safely! We miss you already. Love your awesome choice of words and look forward to reading of your adventure! Stay safe